ignorance is bliss.
- Thursday, July 10, 2008 / 8:58 PM.

Myth 1. I cant get pregnant if I douche (wash the vagina) after sex.
True / Not true.

the sperm may already be within your body.

Myth 2. I cant pregnant the first time I have sex.
True / Not true.

As long as you are sexually matured, it is possible.

Myth 3. I cant get pregnant if I dont have an orgasm.
True / Not true.

as long as the sperm meets the egg and it gets fertilised.

Myth 4. I cant get pregnant if the guy pulls out.
True / Not true.

the sperms might already be in your body.

Myth 5. I cant get pregnant if I have my period.
True / Not true.

both the egg and the uterus lining will be shed. there is no egg to be fertilised.

Myth 6. Can men get pregnant?
True to a certain extent.

click here. the baby was implanted into the man's abdomen.
click here. these men changed their gender, but left their original sexual organs.

that's it. it may be hard to separate fact from fiction, but with a full understanding of the organs in your bodies, you will be able to tell the difference.
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